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Hello, my daughter is turning 18 soon, this pen would be a wonderful gift. May I ask which TWSB pen you're using in your last post? Thank you.

Hi! The TWSBI in the photo is the Diamond 580 1.1 stub. But what I used for the lyrics was the TWSBI Diamond 580 EF. :)

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Needing a mega-dose of happiness today.

Starting my day happy with the two things I love… Avenged Sevenfold and Calligraphy.

Early morning musings…

Learning to live in the moment is actually hard to do. Especially for a “ruminator” (read: over thinker) like me. But it’s a lesson I need to learn if I ever want to live a life that didn’t just pass me by. And I guess on that note, we shouldn’t spend too much time dwelling on our yesterdays either—because they’ve had their day.

So we should live for THIS day—we only have one shot at it.

Calligraphy in a coffee shop! Okay, well technically a doughnut place. But hey they serve coffee—so close enough!

Thought a change of scenery would do me good. Unless the bookstore in front of me opens before I leave, then I’m in big trouble. Or rather my wallet is!

Have a great day ahead guys!

While we were at Mass today, some random little boy (who was probably all of 1 1/2 years old) came up to me to make “mano” (a Filipino gesture that shows respect for one’s elders). And I watched in amazement as he continued to do that to all the adults in our row, without hesitation. Without judgement. After which he returned to his lolo (grandfather) and smiled. I could only shake my head and wonder—when do kids lose their innocence? When do they start learning about who is “good” and who is “bad”? Suddenly I felt like re-writing all of the things I’ve taught my children. If only I realized then what I did tonight, I probably would’ve given more attention to teaching them about the good rather than giving it just as much importance as warning them about the bad.

Children. They lose their innocence when they are exposed to so many adults. My children are no longer at their most malleable and I’ve already warned them enough about the bad—so I think now I’ll teach them to look for the good.

Thank you, random little boy. May God bless you with the grace to hold on to your innocence a little longer. And may your ways enlighten us jaded adults, so we don’t become too cynical about the world we live in.

She’s here!!! Finally got my TWSBI Rose Gold pen. Yay!!!

Badly needed a pick me up—she arrived just in time.

Now if I could only find a quiet corner in a cafe and surround myself with paper!!!

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Got a notice from tumblr… ColorTherHappy turned one yesterday! Wow! Didn’t even realize it’s been a year.

Thanks to all my followers, rebloggers and likers! 😉 You guys rock!!!

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It’s human nature to want to be the best. But what we sometimes overlook is the fact that you and I only need to be the best “me” we can possibly be. We don’t need to outdo other people because we simply cannot do what they do. We’re not them.

If you like looking at life as a race, remember what wise coaches often teach athletes—Beat YOUR personal best!

I’m so excited for this new endeavor… I won’t reveal what it is just yet, but let’s just say that this is my gratitude project. I called it “The Birthday Project ” because I hope to complete it by my birthday—and share it with all of you then. I have only a little over a month to finish this…so I pray that God will bless me with the grace to accomplish this project.